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Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to Feel More Motivated: Get Things Done!

If I have a bunch of things to do during the day, all those tasks get jumbled around in my head and I don't know where to start. Then the feeling of being overwhelmed comes along and it gets hard to even do anything at all.That's why it's so important to keep in mind where you want to go so you keep your goals on track. I've put together some tips to help you get your day organized and get you excited to accomplish your goals.
-The first thing that helps me is to make a list of what I want to get done that day. I always have to make this list or nothing will happen. So write down everything that you want to get done that day. Start with the things you'd like to get done first. Then write out everything and plan your day. Write your list in the morning or even better; get that list done the night before.
-Here's a great way to get you motivated: have some awesome quotes and affirmations handy that get you pumped. A great way to do this is to have a poster board with everything on it that motivates you. Here are some examples of what is on my board:
I inspire people.
I work from anywhere in the world.
What you think is what you get.
"Those who follow the part of themselves that is great will become great. Those that follow the part that is small, will become small." -Mencius
-Make a "Passion To-Do List" that has everything on it that you're passionate about and make sure you do at least one thing from it a day. It's important to have a way to release so your mind is clear and you can focus. When you're focused you will get a lot more accomplished. Your list can include anything that you're passionate about. What do you love to do? What makes you happy? What do you do to free yourself from stress? What do you like to learn about?
-Without this next one I'd have way more freak-outs during the day. If you feel frustrated with the task you're doing or the energy just doesn't feel right, then walk away. You'll get way more done if you get away from it and get the good energy flowing again. Go for a walk. Turn the music up and do a silly dance. If it's a nice day, go stand in the sun. Take some deep breaths and stretch. Then once you feel more centered come back to it. You'll be amazed at how much more clearly you can think. When your mind is clear, that's when the awesome ideas come.
There's a great feeling that comes with getting your to-do list done. You will feel accomplished and that will give you more energy to do whatever else you're aspiring to do. Then before you know it, you'll be a pro! You'll feel excited and you can look back on everything that you've accomplished

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Energy and Motivation for Success

It takes constant, focused energy and motivation to carry out all of the projects and plans necessary to complete a designated goal, which is why the idea of success can feel intimidating for most people. Here are some barriers and action steps to help you ignite your energy and motivation for success.
Barriers to Success
Realize that you might be dealing with success barriers like procrastination, perfectionism, and fear. These barriers have the power to keep you stuck and unable to move forward on your goals.
The Procrastination Barrier
For some, procrastination is a problem because they might be dealing with one of two possible inner conflicts: the need to sabotage their success, or the need to avoid imagined failure.
The Perfectionism Barrier
There are multiple reasons for perfectionism. For some adults, being raised in homes where they experienced high doses of disapproval, ridicule, or rejection created the need to be perfect. Another reason might be because of their innate hardwiring; meaning, they are highly methodical and factual and perfectionism is part of who they are.
The Fear Barrier
Fear has the power to stop you in your tracks. Fear can keep you locked in a cycle of failure by forcing you to continually relive your negative experiences. Worst of all, fear can keep you from living the life you were meant to live.
Action Steps
Here are some ideas to overcome the three success barriers and move forward to complete your goals and become successful.
• First, you know you are procrastinating when you feel like something has got you by the throat and you can’t move forwardâ€"you are stuck. Unfortunately, the best advice is to do the very thing you are putting off. And, do it now. Take a moment to decide if it needs to be done at all and if not, decide not to do it. Remove all escape routes. Finding a partner to check in with can help as well.
• Second, when you are perfectionist, tell yourself to go right, go left, but pick something. In other words, get in the boat that is heading toward your future. Strive to be productive not perfect. If your innate personality is to be a perfectionist, accept that about yourself but tell yourself to complete something and revise it later if need be.
• Third, think of fear like a machine that operates outside of you. Imagine this big, rolling machine rotating in a circular motion that yells, “Feed me, feed me, feed me!” Don’t feed into the fear machine; starve it by taking action. Focus your mind on what needs to be done. As you begin to take action, there’s a good chance you will notice that your stomach feels weird. That is your inner critic trying to get you to stop and feel the fear. Don’t give in; keep doing what you need to do. Trust me, eventually, your stomach will return to normal and you will complete your project.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Desperate For Success? Find Out The 100 Day Challenge - An Action Plan That Breed Success

Success does not always look the same. It comes in many forms, and what is success to one may not mean anything to someone else. In spite of a different look, there are at least two elements of success that are identical for everyone who experiences it. First, success is a goal that is worthy of pursuit. And second, and success takes hard work.
You have heard it said, "Where there is a will, there is a way." This is true of success. There is a way, no matter what your current circumstances are. There have been tons of books, articles, and motivational programs produced to show you the way to success. This article is simple, yet powerful. It will point out 5 tips that will help you find your way toward success.
1. Start by focusing on a goal you like
This is helpful especially if you are just starting your journey toward success. You can increase your chances for success exponentially if you have a passion for what you are working toward. You can begin by brainstorming with a close friend or spouse. Make sure it is someone who shares your desire for success. List all your skills and interests on a sheet of paper or a computer document. Don't leave anything out, even if it does not seem relevant. For instance, if you are good at making animal balloons, write it down... you never know where the inspiration will come from. Again, make sure you list everything. Some of the greatest ideas come from brainstorming sessions where there are no rules. Then go through your list and narrow it down to the one or two things you are most passionate about that can become a career choice.
2. Develop a Plan
The one thing most people fail to do is write down their plan. If you don't have a plan, how will you know where to go or what to do? Architects would not get far if they just "told" someone about their idea for a building. Neither should you begin your journey to success without a roadmap of how to get there.
Even if the written plan is not complete, write it down. You can fill in the details as the plan develops. It needs to have goals for each step of the process, including dates for completion. It should also include methods and materials that will help you to complete each step. If you know people who can help you along the way, write down their names. Make sure your plan is complete. Leave nothing to the imagination at this point.
Oh, and don't forget to keep a calendar and journal of your journey. It will be very helpful to see how you moved forward. Don't skip any days, even if you didn't do anything that day. It will be a reminder that tomorrow you need to get back on track.
3. Don't let your circumstances change you, Change your circumstances
"If you keep on doing what your doing, you will keep on getting what you got." This quote from Zig Ziglar makes sense.
It's crazy to think you can keep doing the same thing over and over the same way and expect different results. It's your choice. You can plod along through life letting your circumstances beat you up every day, or you can take action to change those circumstances. Granted, sometimes this does not look like it is the case, but you always have a choice, even if it is just the way you think about a situation. Your thoughts are powerful, and they can change the way you see yourself, thus changing your life. Don't allow those circumstances to keep you where you are. It does not have to be something huge, but you have the power to change something. Taking this positive step will eventually lead to your success. Don't ever forget that you have the same power in you as anyone else. Everyone starts out in life with nothing. You have a clean slate every day. It is your choice. What will be written on your slate today?
4. Attitude Is More Important Than Aptitude - Make Sure Yours Is Unstoppable
There is no one that can keep you from having a great attitude except you. You may not have the greatest education or the most resources, but you have control over your attitude. A positive attitude will literally open doors for you. It is the number one element of successful people.
5. Develop a Passion for Education
You don't have to be a student in school to continue your education. Every day should be a learning experience, even if you learn something that did not work. Most people know that Thomas Edison failed many times when trying to invent a light bulb. Yet when questioned about his failures, he straightened out that reporter with a statement that you should take to heart. He simply said, "I did not fail 10,000 times, I merely discovered 10,000 ways that did not work." Each of us should have a similar attitude. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable kind of education. Don't dismiss it as failure. Passion for education is still another stepping stone in the path of success.
Success seems to elude many of us while it seems to be so easy for others. What do you want in life? Is it success? If so, make a decision to go get it.
The 100-Day Challenge breeds successful individuals in five ways:
1. Provide focus on something you are passionate about
2. Develop a plan
3. Show you how important it is to take control of circumstances
4. Develop an attitude for success
5. Provides education that breeds success.
Discover how you can become the successful person you desire to be by taking the